Twiggy Eye Makeup: Ode to the 60s

twiggy eye makeup

Nobody has ever succeeded in predicting the upcoming fashion and latest trends. Fashion keeps evolving each day and so the public has to keep a keen eye on the influencers who might set a new trend all of a sudden. Makeup has always been on the priority list of the fashion industry. It is the makeup which spices up the entire look. Eyes and lips are the area which requires maximum attention. Eye makeup has always been in trend no matter what the era is. Studying the pattern of trends we observe that the trends have the habit of coming back after a few years. Same goes with the latest twiggy eye makeup which made a comeback from the late 60s. 

History of Twiggy Eye Makeup

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The makeup of the early 1960s consisted of more natural look with elegant eyes, pink lips and pale cheeks. By the mid 60s, makeup witnessed a drastic change in trend. The natural eloquent makeup was replaced by a more dramatic and bold look. It was the British model Lesley Lawson, commonly known as Twiggy who set the trend with her very own Twiggy eye glamour. Her thin childish androgynous look and big beautiful eyes made her famous instantly. The makeup she used on her eyes made it look tender as well as too bold and confident. While doing makeup she always kept in mind to keep her skin natural. Foundations were not her thing and she did not believe in heavily powdering the cheeks. She applied multiple coats of mascara over her lashes to give it a dense look and paired it with classic Smokey eyes. With Twiggy eyes she preferred subtle glossy lips. She even started her own line of false lashes which was welcomed in the market and soon grew in demand. Lesley is truly a fashion icon and a trend setter which is relevant even today after decades of her influence.

How to Do Twiggy Eyes

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Trying Twiggy eye makeup for the first time may require extra efforts but you won’t regret once you see the outcome.

  • First wash your face with a mild Face wash to remove oil from your skin. Now apply the foundation of the shade which is suitable for your skin. If you don’t want a heavily makeup face then you can simply skip this step or just apply a concealer to hide blemishes of any sort.
  • Now it’s turn for the eye shadow. Subtly paint your eyelids from brown bow to the eye lash with white eyeshadow. If you like to experiment and want more dramatic eyes then you can go for any other shadow color.
  • With the help of a white liner draw your waterline that is line the inner rim of your lower lash. This will make your eyes look bigger.
  • Using a shadow brush apply a brown shade in the arc of the eyelid. This will form the middle tone of the shadow. Again pick up a shade in brown and draw the crease just above the brown one. It will give a very funky and dramatic look to your eyes.
  • Finally, the most important step is to line your eyes. You can choose a liquid liner or a liner pen whichever you are comfortable in. Remember to draw a sharp edge line.
  • Now apply mascara over your lashes. You can also put on false lashes if you want. If you don’t want to use a false lash then you can simply apply two, three coats of mascara to give it a voluminous look.

Your dramatic Twiggy eyes are ready. Use a setting spray to lock your makeup and get on the floor to flaunt your look.

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