Top 5 Cute Eye Makeup Tips For the Eyes

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Cute eye makeup for Christmas is easy when you use these gorgeous tips. Keep reading to find out how to execute these super simple yet deceptively effective Christmas eye looks from start to finish. DRAMATIC Eyeliner: One of the best ways to up your eye makeup game is to jazz up your look with some dramatic eyeliner. Try a richly colored mascara that covers all of your dark lash-outs and add some dark shadow to the tips of your lashes as well.

Halo Eyeliner

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Apply a line of sheer halo eye makeup across the upper lid and blend out to the brow bone. Then apply a second coat over the lower part of the lid. Finish with a third coat and your cute eye makeup is ready to go. You can also try lining your lower lash-outs with dark mascara and extending it to the tips of your lashes.

Cute Eyeshadow Palette: A palette is a must when you are applying some pretty delicate eyeshadow. Try a neutral-colored palette that is in shades that complement your skin tone. Finish off your cute eye makeup look with a couple of coats of sheer shimmery lip gloss and a light touch of eye liner. You can also try lining your lower lash-outs with a dark grayish lipstick and then filling them out with a bit of black liner.


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One of the more difficult areas of the eyes to cover with makeup is the brows. If you find the area between your eyebrows difficult to shade with a blush or pencil, then give it a try with a highlighter. A highlighter is also a good idea to complete your cute eye makeup look when you are trying to create a smoky look. Simply line your upper brows with a highlighter in black or brown and fill out the lower part of your eyebrows with some white liner.

Halo Eye Makeup Sets: To complete your cute makeup look, use a palette as well as a highlighter. Using a highlighter will create a warm, glowing effect that will bring out the eyes’ color in a different way. You can try to pair bronze shades or gold-toned hues for an intense smoky eye effect. Try also using shades of purples, pinks and blues for a very chic, modern approach to this age-old trick.

Eyelash Curl

To complete your cute eye makeup look, finish with a couple of coats of mascara. Apply the mascara along the lash line and also on the outer corners. If your eyes are open, you can add a touch of blusher. Curl your lashes, using your finger tips until they are straight. For the best results, apply the mascara in upward strokes rather than the sweeping motion that happen when the brush is picked up.

Smudged Eye Makeup: Finish off your cute eye makeup look with a touch of mineral-based powder shadow applied to all of your eyelids. Using a tiny brush, gently blend in shimmer minerals into your lid and the crease of your eye, starting with a darker shade and gradually adding lighter shades. You can also use an eyeshadow brush to blend in the shadow on your upper lid just before you apply it to your lower lash line. Then, fill in the rest of your eye shadow. Finish with a couple of layers of volumizing powder to create a smudgy finish.

Last Words 

Cute Eye Makeup Tips For Lips: A cute makeup look doesn’t have to stop with your eyes. Finish your whole face with some sheer eyeliner, and highlight your lips by applying a little bit of lip gloss to them before going out for the night. Use a neutral shade of lipstick to make the lipstick last longer. If you need some last-minute touch-ups to your lips before you go out, put some petroleum jelly around the tips of your lips and lightly smudge the jelly before going out.

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