Tips For Hooded Eye Makeup

hooded eye makeup

One has to use make up tricks to make the eyes look wider and less droopy. There are some step by step guides to deck up for a night out or to look brighter eyed for a day event. These steps will educate you on how to put make up on hooded eyes.

Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

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Buy a good primer: It’s a good idea to invest in a good eye primer in neutral tones. The make up easily smears and smudges for people with hooded eyes. A primer adds a base on the eyelids and evens out the surface preventing the smudging.

Eye shadow for hooded eyes: The next step is to apply some colour on the eyelids. These eye shadow techniques for hooded eyes are not only visible but also make the eyes appear larger. The best shade for hooded eyes is silver gray as it gives the illusion of widely spaced eyes and also brightens up the eyes. How to apply shadow on hooded eyes can be a difficult task and people most often avoid it.

Enlarge your eyes by creating a socket line: Next step is the most crucial and has to be done perfectly. It is to create a socket line on the eyelids. This makes the eyes appear larger and hides the hooded eyelids. To make this, one has to keep the eye brows in normal position and create a socket line with a darker shade in the place where it should have been there.

Blend it along to look natural: Next step involves blending of the created socket lines. This has to blend naturally with the upper eye lids else they would look very artificial.

Use the same socket line shade below the lower lashes: Another clever trick is to use the same shade on the upper eyelids and on the bottom lash line as the one used to make the socket line. This will make the eyes look bigger and larger.

Apply eye liner if you must: Though this step can be avoided, but if required, there is a special technique to apply an eye liner on hooded eyes. While the entire length of the eye liner wont be visible because of the drooping eyelids, the tails of the liner can be extended to give a cat look to the eyes.

The right mascara: The next step is to use really thick and voluminous mascara on the eyelashes. You can also try to fill in the eyelashes on the roots with a dark shade to make them look fuller and thicker.

The final touches: Finish it off with applying a little more shadow on the outer edges of your socket line with the same shade.

Every 4 out of 10 women have hooded eyes and it is not necessary to go under to the knife to look good if you have hooded eyes. You don’t need an expert to get hooded eye makeup.

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