The Top Three Trending Rue Euphoria Makeup

rue euphoria makeup

Last summer, HBO’s hit adolescent drama Euphoria debuted, depicting the dark underbelly of suburban teen life driven by drugs, drink, and sex. It’s similar to Skins but with more sexting. Euphoria has now come to embody everything 2020 wasn’t, just ahead of two new December episodes of the series this December. There’s no reason to wear a sequined crop top since there’s no impulsive romance, no exciting nightlife environment, and no reason to wear a sequined crop top. Although there aren’t many rhinestones this year, there’s never been a better moment to make a statement with your eye makeup. Just as Euphoria’s impossible-to-wear makeup reflects the intensity of adolescence, so should ours. The above-mask style might express that we’re all tapping into our furious adolescence in the year 2020. 

The Top Three Rue Euphoria Makeup For Eyes

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These three rue euphoria makeup looks for eyes that trended extremely and here’s how you could create them. 

Maddy’s Neon Glow

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Apply NYX Vivid Brights Cream Color in Lavender as a base all over the eyelids, up into the crease, and beyond with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, add any sparkly or matte lavender eyeshadow on top of Step 1. Brush your brows straight up and keep them clear of any heavy filling. Use clear brow gel or Aerogel hairspray to keep it in place. Using MAC Nude lip liner and lipstick, create a natural-looking pout. Curled lashes and two coats of mascara on top and bottom complete the look.

Rhinestoner Maddy

Choose any color for your foundation eyeshadow. Color Pop, MAC, and NARS eyeshadows are all recommended by Davy. If you wish to create a fade, choose another hue to blend into it. It’s not about using a deeper hue to define the crease. Allow the crease to breathe, and if you want to define it, use rhinestones (available on Amazon!). If you want to look ferocious, use a black winged liner. Use any black eyeliner in a cream jar, although Davy’s crew picked Chanel for Maddy. Use a slanted flat eyeliner brush to apply this. Wait patiently! It’s really difficult to get a flawless wing liner. To assist with adjustments, use little sharp q-tips. Attach rhinestones of any shape or size to your eyelids, lash line, eyebrows, or all of the above with any white (clear-drying) eyelash adhesive. With Maddy’s blinged-out eyes, I prefer to retain a peachy nude lip, but I like to play with deeper nudes and lip liners. Brush your brows straight up and keep them clear of any heavy filling. Use clear brow gel or Aerogel hairspray to keep it in place. Finish with House of Lashes strip lashes.

Jule’s Pink Lady

Apply a light pink Stila liquid shimmer eyeshadow or any of their other iridescent pastel colors. You may apply it directly to your lids from the tube and mix it in with a little fluffy eyeshadow brush. Apply Makeup Forever Aqua Color paint in orange or red with any slender brush, or combine them together for a vibrant warm red. Keep your inner corners rounder, rather than sharp, like Maddy’s, and carry the color halfway across your lower lash line. For this look, I didn’t put mascara on Jules, but you may curl your lashes and use whichever color of mascara you like.

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