Summertime Makeup Tips – Getting Started With Your Makeup

summertime makeup tips

Today, women have many things that they need to do in order to look beautiful and attractive, and they have a lot of options when it comes to cosmetics. You can choose to wear simple foundation with a light browser, or you can go for more glamorous looks with glittering powders, eye shadows and lip colors. When choosing makeup for the summer, start your day early so that you have time to freshen up. For instance, remove your make-up before stepping out of your house and doing your daily chores, and then set aside the cosmetics for later in the day.

Lipsticks, Foundations, Blush, Bronzer And Shimmers

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The most popular cosmetics items for the summertime are lipsticks, foundations, blush, bronzer and shimmers. With such a wide variety of choices, choosing the right makeup will not be too difficult. However, you should pay attention to certain details, especially if you want to have a perfect look. For example, lipsticks and foundation shades should match perfectly since applying them is not always easy, which is why you need to use a tinted moisturizer.

If you already have blotchy skin because of allergies, then you should follow one of the following summertime makeup tips. First of all, you should apply primer on your face. You can either use a primer spray or a primer stick.


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If you have oily skin, then you may skip using primer, but you should still keep your make-up powder at hand. It will help keep your skin nice and moist so that the foundation can adhere properly. For those who already have perfect skin, a great summertime makeup tips is to use liquid foundations. Liquid foundations make your skin look flawless and evenly toned, and they also prevent makeup from settling on your face. Liquid foundations are also much easier to apply, which is why some people prefer them. You can buy liquid foundations at any cosmetic store, or even over the Internet.

If you have extremely dry skin during the summer, you should skip summertime makeup tips and use matte or cream products instead. However, you should only use cream products with sunscreen. Liquid foundations are best for people who have extremely dry skin, since they will give the skin an even appearance. Any other kind of makeup is not advisable to use during the summer since it will only make your skin worse.

Normal To Oily Skin

If you have normal to oily skin, then you don’t need to skip foundation. All you need to do is just use some powder to give your face a natural look and to make sure that there will be no streaks. In fact, a lot of people even choose to skip powder altogether and just use lip gloss. Lip gloss is also an excellent option for those with oily complexions, and the good thing about it is that it is water-based so it won’t cake up on your face like some powders do.


The last thing you should do is to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to keep your makeup in place. Usually, the recommended layer of moisturizer is a mineral powder, which you can either purchase from your cosmetic counter or make at home. A mineral powder can give your face the natural glow that you want without putting on too much makeup, and it also keeps your skin tone from looking cakey. Just remember to apply your moisturizer before you go to bed or before you sleep for the most effective results.

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