spatty Makeup – The Ultimate Makeup Applicator

spatty makeup tool

What’s the best multi-purpose spatty makeup tool to remove makeup in hard-to-reach places? The Spatty is an ideal money-saving tool that will give you every last drop of your favorite product. This great little tool can go in virtually any small holes where no other makeup tool on the planet can go. The study has shown that the average individual throws away nearly 15-25 percent of their everyday food product when it’s no longer easily accessible from the cupboard.

Spatty Brushes Are An Ideal Companion

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Spatty brushes are an ideal companion for this tool. Most women have at least one pressed powder compact at home. If you’re like most, your pressed powder contains almost all of your eye shadows, liners, blushes and lip colors. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably got at least some of those pressed products in the back of your cupboard as well. Use your spatty to apply your makeup to these product-filled jars and into your cupboard for up to 2 weeks without having to throw out or even clean out your makeup organizer.

Soft Texture

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The spatty is designed specifically to be soft, thin and travel friendly, just like your pressed compact. It’s also made of hypoallergenic synthetic material that won’t irritate your skin. Unlike other brushes, you don’t need to purchase an additional product for application convenience. Just dip into the container and use the included applicator stick for application convenience.

Wipe Off The Excess Product

You wipe off the excess product using the provided sponge. Repeat this process throughout the day or night as you like. This tool is so convenient, you can use it as liquid eyeliner, but it will give you an even application that lasts all day. Unlike with liquid liner brushes, applying shadow on your eyelids is easier with this tool because the bristles are dense enough to adhere to the eyelid, while the flat bristles blend nicely with the crease of the eye.

I Love This Product!

My eyeshadow application is so smooth and silky. It blends well with my eye color, but there is not a bit of caking or gluing that I’m afraid of. The party feels solid and comfortable to hold onto. No cracking sounds or plastic-y smell. I recommend this for people who are looking for a solid eyeliner that won’t get clogged up. What’s great about the spatty makeup tool is that it’s washable and reusable. Unlike other brushes, which you have to be always concerned about getting smeared with crayon residue, this one is completely machine-washable. I prefer the black version with the gold handle as it’s a little easier to grip. I also like that it comes with a palette. I’ve found that many other products with large applicators don’t come with a palette. They’re usually made of some flimsy material that gets in your way when applying your shadow or liner, but this one doesn’t.

Are You New To The Makeup Regime?

I feel that this spatty makeup tool is great for those who are new to applying makeup. There’s nothing difficult about using it, and the bristles don’t clump up. If you need to make a light application of eyeliner or brow pencil, the product makes it super easy. Plus, you only have to swap the brush out once you’re done applying your makeup, so you’ll be able to make sure you have a clean palette between applications.

Summing Up

Overall, I love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a simple to use basic makeup application tool. The spatty makeup tool has received numerous customer reviews, and all of them are raving. The product is so easy to use that I usually only have to replace the brush once I’ve used it. The brush holds large amounts of product, making it very easy to make a single, full application. Plus, it’s affordable and will keep your makeup looking fresh until it’s time to reapply.

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