Red Eye Makeup Looks – Get Exactly What You Want With This Tutorial

red eye makeup looks

While some people may love the flashy glitter of the bright red that reflects off of your face, this kind of appearance does not work well on everybody.

One of the first things you should keep in mind when trying to get the red eye makeup looks that you want is that your eyes should be in focus. If you are trying to make a nice dramatic look with dark reds and dark lashes, keep your eyelids slightly open. This will create the appearance of more depth. If you are going with a lighter shade of reds, keep the lid slightly closed. This will create the look of more darkness and will give you the ability to add in a bit of light.

Smokey Eye Looks Are Great

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There are also two other important things to keep in mind when trying to pull off red eye makeup looks. These key points include keeping the colour red within the shade of the rim colour. If you are using darker shades for your rimless, use lighter shades for your lashes. The lighter the shade of red you use, the brighter your eye will appear. Try to play around with varying shades of red for different effects.

Smokey eye looks are great if you are using deep red shades. However, if you are using dark shades of red eyeshadow makeup, you will want to keep the shade a couple of shades darker than you are using your other eye makeup colors. This will give you the appearance that you have added more color to your eyes. It will also help to create a more smoky look so you will want to try more than just one smokey eye look with your red eyeshadow.

Pull Off The Deep Red Eye Makeup Look

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As with the smokey eye makeup looks, you should use your deepest shade of red eye makeup to create this dramatic look. You should use a very dark red shade (about one or two shades darker than your everyday eye shade) and apply it from the inside corner to the outer edge of your eye and out to the brow. Then you should take your medium shade of red eyeshadow and apply to your eyelid crease. Then take your darkest shade of red eye makeup and apply to the crease as well. Finally, use a nude red shade for the rest of your eyelids and blend well.

If you want to pull off the deep red eye makeup look, then there is another great tutorial that you can check out on our site. In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply an ultra sexy smokey eye and get some other awesome looking looks that you can wear all day long. The tutorial is called the red glitter smokey eye tutorial and it is sure to get you a lot of awesome looking looks! Check it out below!

Final Words

Now, if you want to pull off a more subdued version of the red eye makeup looks, then you can always use black eyeshadow for your eye makeup. You can use either a matte charcoal black shade or a very dark black. Using black eyeshadow will make your eyes stand out and give them a more dramatic look. You can apply it with an eyeliner as well, but I prefer to use a liquid eyeliner so that I can control where the liner goes. This gives me a very sexy look as well. The last thing that you need to know about this makeup look is that you need to find a very dark and rich red shade to put over your eye makeup. There are many options available for you, but I recommend you stay away from red eye shadow that is very saturated in color. Instead, go with a charcoal shade. It will look much more natural and will last much longer!

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