Morphe Makeup Brushes – A Brush For Every Need

morphe makeup brushes

Morph brushed has categorized its product line according to different user needs. Their brushes are affordable and offer value for money. In this article, we’re bringing you a review of Morph’s line of makeup brushes that are meant for different needs.

  1. Foundation Brushes

There are 2 different foundation brushes from Morphe, one is Pro Art AF03 Brush and the other one is Stippling brush from Pack Cosmetics, which is known as Pac 257 brush. It’s totally up to you whether you wish to use a foundation brush or not as even a beauty blender can help you to apply the foundation. 

But where these brushes come in handy is that they can help you to apply your makeup on the go or if short on time and you quickly want to apply foundation. 

One con of these brushes is that they don’t work with all foundations. Foundations that have a thinner consistency, like the one from L’oreal and it leaves streaks on the skin. But on the good side, these brushes work really well with most of the regular foundations.

  1. Concealer Brush
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The Concealer brush from Morphe is Pac 219 Concealer brush and it is among the best of its kind. This brush is great for both beginners and professionals and it works really well. It works well with daily highlights, precision setting under eye concealer, very precise contouring or blush application, and for cleaning up under contour.

  1. Contouring Brush

The contouring brush from Morph is known as Pac 305 brush. It is an angular brush and it is great for contouring your cheekbones or your jawline. Many beginners prefer to use bronzers for contouring, but if you’re planning to get a brush for contouring, you can consider buying this one as it works really well.

  1. Highlighting Brush

The highlighting brushes from Morphe are Pac 245, Pro Art AF05 brush, and the last one is from Wet n Wild. All these brushes do last long but Pac 245 is the best brush among these in terms of quality but tends to have a longer life among all three. 

If you want to blend your highlight properly then you should use a thicker highlighting brush. Among these three, Pac 245 and Pro Art AF05 are thicker in comparison to the one from Wild n West.

  1. Blush Brush

The blush brushes are Pro Art PF12 and the second one is Wet n Wild P70 brush. The Pro Art PF12 tends to shed when you wash it, which makes Wet n Wild P70 a better choice as it doesn’t shed. But if you’re tight on budget then you can go for the one from Pro Art. 

  1. Powder Brush

The best Powder Brush belongs to Sheen. The choice to buy a powder brush totally depends on you as you can also use a powder puff to apply the powder as that will work fine as well. 

  1. Face Brush

The best brush in this category belongs to Huda Beauty and it’s called Bake and Blend. Again, this brush is also totally optional as you can use a fluffy highlight brush to do that. We talk about this brush, it one works really well in your under eyes and, so if you’re looking for something to bake your makeup, this one works really well for that purpose. 


Morph has a great line of brushes and all of them are really good at what they are meant for. If you’re someone who wants every last bit of detailing in her makeup, then these brushes are for you. Which one of these brushes according to you is essential for the makeup, let us know what you think.

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