Makeup Tool Cleaner Ideas For Your Kit

makeup tool cleaner

Did you know that you should be cleaning makeup brushes and sponges at least once a week?

There are reasons behind why you should be cleaning your makeup tools, and thus, using a makeup tool cleaner. Apart from the risk of accumulating bacteria, it will also be more likely to irritate your skin. Bacteria is not the only thing that gathers on the tools. Dead skin cells and oil are present at times, which can clog your pores. Dirty brushes make it difficult to blend and apply the makeup smoothly. So, not get the desired results

The Basics

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Washing the brushes is not enough. Dermatologists recommend cleaning our makeup tools often to prevent bacteria from building up. Brushes used around eyes have the leniency of around twice a month. Some use water, a gentle soap, or a brush cleaner to clean the tools. But regularity is just one factor of it, knowing how to clean the tools the right way is also necessary.

A brush cleaner’s effectiveness depends on its ingredients first – from surfactants (also found in shampoos) to silicones. If a specific product is not something that you would want to buy – then you can choose to buy your favorite face wash instead. Yes, even a facial cleanser is used as a makeup tool cleaner. As a makeup artist says – if it does such a gentle but thorough job on your face, it should do the same for your brushes. Another way is using dishwashing liquids such as the mild soaps used for washing silverware.

Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

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One type of makeup tool cleaner is the brush cleaner. Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner is made of food-grade solvents. It is to gently dissolve the remains of powder, liquid, and wax-based makeup products. It is used in a variety of ways and on several products. It allows you to switch colors without switching brushes, even getting glitter out of the brushes quickly and effectively. It is reusable and can be cleaned.

Sephora Collection Color Switch Vera Mona Brush Cleaner

The Sephora Collection Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner has a sponge that cleans the makeup brushes without soap or water. The magic lies in the sponge’s structure that allows you to swirl your brushes around the sponge and loosen the powder stuck to them. The makeup tool cleaner uses friction to give the cleaning effect. No special chemicals or secrets at play! 

Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove

Another makeup tool cleaner, specifically a brush cleaner, is the Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove. It has two sides, one for eye brushes and one for face brushes, and helps remove both liquid and powder makeup. It also has eight different textures and a double thumb feature. According to the makers, using a glove is more beneficial than your bare hands, resulting in a more effective and deep clean.


Dirty brushes can also contaminate your makeup products, be harmful to your health due to bacteria risk, and ultimately, cleaning your makeup tools gives them some longevity. These were some reasons why cleaning your makeup tools is crucial, and thus, a makeup tool cleaner. 

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