Makeup Tips to Accentuate Almond-Shaped Eyes

almond eye makeup

Before diving into beauty tips, it’s helpful to know whether you do, in fact, have a set of almond eyes. Typically, with this eye shape, the iris (aka, the colored part of your eye) touches both the top and bottom waterlines—meaning, you can’t see any white above or below. The outer corners may also be slightly lifted, you know, just like an almond. It’s also a bit easier for those with almond eyes to find their natural crease, as the fold is likely visible on the lid.  

8 makeup tips to make almond eyes pop

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1. Highlight the inner corners. 

An oldie, but a goody. Take it from Savannah St. Jean, makeup artist and owner of Savannah Rae Beauty: “To brighten and widen an almond shape, highlighting the inner corner is a great technique.” You can either tap on a straight-up highlighter with your fingertip or brush on a shimmery, light shadow. 

2. Use a nude liner on the bottom waterline. 

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Those with almond eyes, allow us to introduce you to the ever-flattering nude liner. To make the eyes appear larger and brighter, a bit of nude liner along the bottom waterline goes a long way. “You can even use white if you really want to brighten the bottom waterline,” notes St. Jean, but any nude shade should work wonders. Similar to how you’d highlight the cheekbones to make them pop, brightening up the eye area has a wide-eyed effect. 

3. Tightline the upper lash line.

To make almond eyes look wide-awake, Alexandra Compton, product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo, suggests tightlining the upper lash line with shadow or liner. “This will open up your eyes and make them appear larger and brighter,” she previously told mbg about the eye shape. 

4. Try floating eyeliner. 

For a fun, sophisticated beat, this graphic look can really enhance an almond shape (since you’re literally tracing the shape of the eyelid). Here’s a quick guide:

With a fine, angled liner brush, outline where your crease meets the bottom of your brow bone with a darker shadow. Start from your inner corner and sweep the line until you reach the tail of your eyebrow. 

With that same shadow, draw a winged liner from the outer corner of your eye, flicking outward toward the previous line. Continue to fill in both lines until the ends meet, closing off the shape. 

5. Use a light-colored shadow. 

As a general rule, darker shadows define and recede, while lighter shades tend to bring forth the area. That said, a wash of paler shadow can make your almond eyes pop; especially if your eyes are more deep-set, St. Jean explains; those lighter shadows can help pull the area forward. 

6. Curl those lashes. 

Another tip that applies to all the eye shapes: “Curl your lashes before applying mascara for mega-doe eyes,” says Compton. Just make sure not to clamp down too hard on those flutters, lest you pluck a few precious hairs; a few seconds of hold is all you need to keep them lifted and spidery. 

The takeaway

Understanding your own eye shape can be super helpful when it comes to painting on eye makeup like a pro. If you have almond eyes, bookmark these tips the next time you want to accentuate the orbs. Most of these tips are pretty minimal, anyway, yet they add an extra oomph to your look.

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