Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women: Getting the Right Foundation Shade

makeup tips for dark skin

Darker Skin: Fabulous Colors For Darker Skin! There are so many beautiful shades of makeup that look wonderful on people of all skin types. Darker skin can be challenging to apply makeup because of the skin tone it has. You may need to purchase a palette or some concealer to get the look you want. Here are some fabulous colors for darker skin.

Chocolate Peaches This eye shadow is a great makeup tip for dark-skinned girls. The cool, peach tones work beautifully with this dark eye makeup. Lips are almost black, but not entirely. To make your chocolate-colored eyes pop, try wearing a little black dress and wearing the peaches along with a little black lipstick.

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

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Brownish Bronze This beautiful shade of bronze will add a warm tone to your face. It is very flattering for those with warm skin tones. If you are using the browser as an eye shadow, try applying it to the brow bone and then blending it outward to the ends of your eyebrows. This shade will also work well on the entire lid area.

Golden Brown Bronzers are one of my favorite eye colors. They are very versatile and will make your eyes pop with any type of color. Make sure you get the bronze shades as dark skin complexion needs more of this golden brown. These bronzer tips for dark skin women are easy to do, safe, and will bring out your eyes and face look great.

Glossy Spray

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Glossy Spray This is one of my best makeup tips for dark skin tones as well as women with oval faces. You can find both matte and glossy finishes for this look. You can use a simple bronzer brush or a finger brush to apply the gloss over your eyelids and at the corner of your mouth. You don’t need to apply the entire color to your face. Just a little bit will go a long way. The gloss is great for making your eyes pop, but it won’t wash away any imperfections.


Lipstick for Brown Skin You may think that a dark skin tone requires no lipstick. The opposite is true. A dark skin tone can benefit from a lipstick that has lipstick in the medium shade. For this natural beauty, you can use a satin or frosted lipsticks. Both of these will not wash away the imperfections on your eyes or lips.

Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup These are some great makeup tips for women who have smoky eyes. If you have never tried smokey eye makeup, it is a great way to give your eyes some depth. To create this look, you will want to start by lining the outside edge of your eye with a pencil. Next, use black eyeliner to line the inside of your eye. Finally, apply a light pink lipstick to the outside of your eye.


Concealer For Black Skin One of the best makeup tips for dark skin tones is to find a good makeup concealer that will blend well. For this beautiful look, you will want to choose a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation shade. If you are using the concealer to hide blemishes, then you will need to apply the concealer to a small area. This will give you a good makeup look without having to cover the problem area with makeup.


Foundation For Black Skin Generally, if you are using concealer to disguise blemishes or other problems with your dark skin tone, you should skip using makeup foundation. Applying foundation can make your face appear too smooth, making your wrinkles stand out even more. Instead, you will want to apply makeup primer on your face before applying the concealer. Primer helps to make your face appear less bumpy and fuller.


Highlighter For Dark Skinned Women If you are looking for makeup tips for dark-skinned women, you will want to know what shades to stay away from. Unfortunately, not all shades of foundation look good on everyone. If you have very oily skin, powder foundation is a no-no. The oil clogs your pores, which makes it difficult to blend the color. Instead, opt for a creamy foundation that will be easy to blend into your skin.

Bottom Line

Lip Shade Just like with foundation, you want to choose the right lip shade. It doesn’t hurt to try different shades, but remember that lighter shades will make your lips look thinner. So, stay away from very light shades as they could make your lips look hollow. On the other hand, darker lip shades can make your lips appear thicker. It just depends on your personal preference.

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