Makeup Tips – All You Need To Know From Applying Foundation To Skin Care Routine

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There are many people out there that have no idea on how to apply a foundation properly. I don’t blame them because the foundation is one of the most important steps in any makeup routine. Without a proper foundation you will see that your face will have lots of caked on makeup and it will be looking a lot worse than it would if you had a good foundation.

Makeup Tips

Clean Your Face

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It is always best to apply a little bit of the foundation before you put your makeup on. Most women think that they need to use an extra generous amount, but this isn’t true. The rule of thumb is to apply as much as you can without looking cakey or having any “give.” Some women have too much foundation, while others have too little. This is why it is important to start off with an even amount. Too much foundation will make you look like you have been wearing masking for a couple of days and not knowing when you should stop.

Next, you will want to take some clean, dry powder and lightly dust the area around your eyes. The only thing left to do is to fill in any creases and then take a cotton swab and lightly touch the area around your eyes. You will want to be very gentle here. If you start to feel your skin on your face with the powder then you will want to finish with a light touch with a cotton swab. Remember that this is not the place to be putting on any makeup so once you dust in your foundation, you can work around your eyes.

Apply Foundation 

A woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Another helpful tip is to not go on your foundation directly after you take off your make-up. You should wait at least thirty minutes between applying the foundation and putting on eye makeup. Your face needs time to absorb the powder and become truly dry. Also, be sure that you do not forget your SPF before applying your foundation. Many people think that applying foundation with a wet sponge means that their SPF will be absorbed into the foundation. It won’t and it will actually wash off.

You need to be very careful when applying your foundation. If you are using a brush instead of a liquid foundation, then use a light hand. Apply foundation with the circular motion of your brush, not the up and down motion of a standard brush. If possible, try to use the same type of foundation with the same colors.

If your makeup is chapped, use baby oil or an unscented moisturizer before applying foundation. When applying powder, make sure you only put a thin even layer over your entire body. This will cover any small blemishes and also keep your makeup from becoming key.

Eye Makeup

When applying foundation to your eyelids, you may want to use an eye liner to give them extra definition. If you cannot stand the look of the liner, then use eye shadow as an alternative. Be careful when applying eyeshadow as it can clog your pores and irritate the skin. When applying mascara, use your ring finger to put mascara on the apples of your eyes. This will make your lashes look longer.


The best way to get rid of makeup residue is to simply rinse off the makeup. Never rub makeup onto your skin. If it gets on your face then it will stay there. Also never rub in makeup in your hair. It can leave lumps under your skin. You should always wait at least fifteen minutes before you shampoo or swim.

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