How To Make-Up Enhances Your Eye Shadow Looks

eye shadow looks

Nude eye shadow looks great on almost any face. For a more dramatic look, select shadow that has a brown base and applies with a soft, satiny shimmer. In addition, these shadows are available in many different finishes, from frosted to matte. This is a popular choice because they do not look cakey on oily skin, or chunky on dry skin.

Neutral champagne shades are simple and quick to apply, and complement any complexion type. To make your best shade even better, apply with black or charcoal liner first, which darkens the shade. The three eye shadow colors can be applied using a small eye shadow brush, or an eye shadow brush of contrasting color. To create interesting effects, alternate dark and light shades.

To apply the softer shades to your eyelid area, use a black brush and apply a bit at a time so that they blend nicely with the rest of your eye shadow. For crease effects, use a black brush and smudge the lighter shade on the upper lids before adding it to the lower lash line. Your eye shadow looks extra fantastic when you apply it with a bit of shimmer.

For the smoky look, use a black brush and apply a thin layer along the crease of your eyes. Next, dust in a little smoky eye liner. To make your smoky look more dramatic, add some glitter eyeshadow to your lower eyelashes. For a really dramatic look, add a couple of blinks. Your eye shadow looks extra fantastic when you add a hint of blushing as well.

If you have lighter skin and are looking for a nice neutral eye shadow, then you might consider using a white liner. Start out by drawing a line along the outside of your eye, three or four lines depending on how much coverage you need. Now, use a darker shade of eye shadow on top of the white liner. When applying the color, apply in with the outermost layer and blend it inwards towards the bottom lids. For a daytime look, use light pastels or a neutral color. For nighttime looks, use darker colors like dark gray or bronze.

Another great tip for how to make-up enhances your eye shadow is to use two different colors of eye shadow. If you’re working with a very light complexion, then you can simply go with one color liner. If you have a darker skin tone, then you can go with two liners. It’s important to make sure that the colors aren’t too close to each other because if you do, it can look clashing.

Last Words

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Knowing how to make-up enhance your eye shadow looks is very easy once you get the hang of it. The trick is knowing which shades go with which colors. There are also a number of different liners that you can choose from depending on what you’re going for. Most of them are available at your local drug store or grocery store for a relatively cheap price. Just remember to play around with it and experiment to find what works best for you.

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