Hooded Eye Makeup Diagram – An Advanced Makeup Tutorial From YouTube

hooded eye makeup diagram

A hooded eye makeup diagram will teach you how to apply eyeshadow correctly and blend eyeshadow colors for the ultimate effect. Here are thirteen makeup tips every person with makeup needs to know about how to apply eyeshadow.

Get a YouTube video of your own to use as a reference or to go by when learning how to apply eyeliner, eye shadow and eye mascara correctly. You can find videos about everything imaginable on YouTube. Go to the Eyeliss video page or any other product YouTube page and search for a video on eye makeup.

The Thirteen Eyeliss Tips

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The first of the thirteen Eyeliss tips to help you learn how to apply eyeliner, eye shadow and other makeup correctly is to know your eye shape. Each person has an individual eye shape that determines how much makeup will look good on them. If you have a round eye’s shape, then the chances are that you will look good with either light or dark eye makeup. People with heart-shaped eyes have to be careful with eye shadow because they may look like they have chests or have large breasts. Women with long noses should be careful with liquid eyeliner.

When you want to look sexy, go for a really dark smokey eye makeup but apply only a small amount. Most people with natural light colored eyes will be able to get away with applying just a touch more color on their hooded eyelids. Many makeup artists are now using the hooded shading technique with brush applicators which are really easy to use and cheap too.

The Huggie Cosmetics YouTube Tutorial

YouTube has a great thirteen makeup tips every person needs to know. You can also check out the ultimate makeup trick which shows you how to apply concealer, shadow and eye liner in one neat, tidy step by step video. It is called The Huggie Cosmetics YouTube Tutorial.

There are a lot of free videos that show you how to apply eyeshadow, eyeshadow and blushes. The Huggie makeup tutorials are at YouTube and they show clear and easy instructions. You should be able to apply the makeup without any problems at all if you follow the instructions very carefully. Apply a thin line of mascara to your hooded eyes and then blend it into the line of your eyebrows.

Advanced Techniques

For those that are afraid of smearing their face with powder or may not want to use eyeshadow, there are a number of mature tricks to apply makeup for everyday wear on the eyes. There are even products out there with this type of advanced techniques. 

You can find them on YouTube as well. Some of these advanced techniques include: using eye makeup to create a smoky look, using brown eyeshadow to create an ash brown look, applying smokey eyeshadow to create a black look, applying smokey eyeshadow to create a gray look, and even brown eyeshadow to create a blue look.


Another advanced makeup tutorial on YouTube involves the use of liquid liner. As with everything in makeup, there are some people who are experts and others who are not so good but there is always a right place to start. This advanced tutorial includes the use of liquid liner. There are only a few things to note when you are applying liquid liner, such as applying three lines of liquid liner in a row, starting from the outer corner of your eye and going toward the middle of your eye, and the use of a white drawing pen to make the liner tip the same color as your skin tone. That’s about it for this Hooded Eye Makeup Diagram on YouTube.

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