Great Eye Makeup Tutorials For Brown Smocked Eyes

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Eye makeup is the foundation of your makeup and can often determine how dramatic or natural your appearance is. Whether you wish to learn a new technique so you can use it every day or wish to look gorgeous for a special event, appropriate use of eye makeup is an invaluable skill that can both impress your friends and help make you look and feel your absolute best. Unfortunately, too many women feel intimidated by the prospect of learning to apply eye makeup, but this is simply because they’ve never learned to understand its intricacies. There are quite a few simple concepts that you must be familiar with if you wish to succeed. It takes a little bit of practice to master, but once you’ve mastered these concepts, you’ll be able to apply eye makeup with confidence.

Things you need to get started.

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Before you can get started applying eye makeup, you need to have a basic set of supplies. These supplies include a small black eye pencil, a makeup brush, a small kohl bottle or eyeliner, and a few concealers or powder applied with a large kohl bottle or eyeliner brush. The first thing you’ll need to do is get some black eyeliner on a flat surface, such as a paper towel or a clean white towel. You will also need one white eyeliner and two dark eye shadow colors for the upper lids and one for the lower lid.

The next thing you need to do in your eye makeup tutorial is to apply a thin layer of primer to your eyelids. This is the foundation of your eye makeup. A typical thin layer of primer is good enough to get your eyelids nice and wet. Once you’ve applied a thin layer of primer, you will then be able to apply your concealer. Concealer is used to hide any problems you might have,under-eye bags, or brown spots. You can also apply some eye makeup around the outside of your eye, but don’t put too much on this area as it could look a bit cakey.

Applying Primer.

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The last thing that you will need to get started is some black liquid eyeliner. This will give your eye the look of depth. To apply primer, you will want to use a black liquid eyeliner. You will then take your black liquid eyeliner and outline your eye. Once you’ve outlined your eye, you will take your large black brush and apply the primer to your eye. Make sure to blend the primer into your eye well.

Once you have your primer and black liquid eyeliner blended, you will want to take your tiny eyeliner brush and apply a very thin line down the middle of the inside of your eye. This will give your eye a nice bold color. Now take your small brush and blend in the outermost edge of this line to create a three-fill. Blend in one more line at the bottom for your overall look.

The third step in these eye makeup tutorials is to create a natural eye makeup look. To do this, you will simply take two different shades of eyeshadow and place them together on your eyelid. You will then take the darker shade over the lighter shade. This will create a layered look that will bring out your eyes. The layers should be applied to your upper and lower lids.

After applying these three shades to your eyelids, you will want to add in your second layer of natural eye makeup. This is done by taking your black liquid eyeliner and blending a thin line of it along the outer edge of your eye. You will then take your flat brush and blend this line into your outermost layer of eye makeup. This will create a three-layered look that will bring out your brown shimmer eyes.

Finishing Touch 

The last step in these natural eye makeup tutorials is to fill in your eyebrows. To do this, you will take two sets of liquid eyeliner and fill them in, starting from your brows and working your way out to your eyelashes. After you have finished filling in your eyebrows, you will want to brush in a powder highlighter in the crease of your eyelashes. This will give your brown eyes a smoky eye. The final step is to fill in your cheeks and lips. By following these simple steps, you will end up with perfect smokey eyes.

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