Eye Makeup Tips For Upturned Eyes

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The following tips are inspired by the editors of Glamour, highlighting the advantages of metallic shadow, shimmery liner and mineral eye shadow.

One of the most popular eye makeup ideas is to use shimmery, metallic shadows to complement your natural eye color. You can try out shades such as gold-toned, silver-toned or bronze-toned shadows. To create a shaded effect, try using a soft shimmery liner for the outer third of your eye lid area. Finish it off with a highlighter shade or light eyeshadow for an added pop of color.

Blue eyes are beautiful, but they can also be a little tricky when it comes to makeup application. If you have blue eyes, you can either soften them with liquid liner, or add more of a dark liner to define them. If you have brown eyes, you can add more of a glow to them using a highlighter shade. You can also soften your eyes with the help of a shadowed eye makeup brush. Just use a small eye shadow brush to apply the shadow to your upper eyelashes and inner corner. You can do this up and down the entire length of your eyelashes.

Brown Eyes Are Gorgeous

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Brown eyes are gorgeous, but they can be quite tricky to apply. If you have brown eyes, you can add more definition to them using black mascara. If you have gray or dark colored eyes, you can bring out their natural beauty by highlighting them using an eyeshadow brush. For the outer third of your eyelid, you can add in more of a glow by drawing on a darker shade of eyeshadow. Finish off your look with some glitter pens. These eye makeup ideas for brown eyes are especially effective and affordable!

If you have blue eyes, you can get inspired by a few eye makeup ideas for blue eyes that are posted on Instagram. One way that you can enhance your eye makeup is by wearing a metallic colored eyeliner. Choose either a brown colored liner or a gold colored liner for a daytime look. For nighttime wear, opt for a silver liner. These eye makeup ideas for blue eyes are both incredibly easy to do and look great on you, too!

Green, Blue, Purple, And Red Eyes

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Green, blue, purple, and red eyes are gorgeous, but these colors can often look a bit dull on many people. There are some really great ways to jazz up your eye makeup looks for these colored eyes. For green eyes, try applying a shade of charcoal brown with a hint of gray or black. This highlights your gorgeous green eyes, making them pop out from your head and body makeup. You can also choose to add a little more of an edge to your eye makeup with a smudged gray or black smudge brush to the outer third of your eyelid and blend in with your skin tones to give you a smoky look.

If you have blue eyes, there are a few different eye makeup tips for blue eyes that are sure to jazz up your look. The first thing that you can do to make your eyes pop is to apply a light blue eye shadow along the innermost edge of your eyelid. The next thing that you can do is apply a light shade of brown smudged along the outer edge of your eyelid. Finally, use a darker shade of brown smudged along the bottom edge of your eyelid and lightly drape it over your cheekbones to create a slightly darker look overall.


These are just some very easy and quick to do eye makeup tips that will really jazz up your eyes. Remember, when applying these tips to get the best effect, you want to go light on the eye makeup and keep your makeup away from your eyes themselves so they don’t get darked out. Also, be sure to keep your makeup powder on your eyes, not your eyelids, to keep the darkness from spreading to your eyes. Blue eyes can look great with pale skin, and with the darker skin tones, the blue eyes can stand out even more. So have fun experimenting with the different eye makeup looks that can be created for your unique eyes.

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