Emo Goth Makeup You Can Try Out For A Better Look

Emo Goth Makeup

Emo Goth Makeup is gaining popularity among young girls who love drama and wish to do something different and unusual. In emo makeup, the hairstyle becomes the center of attention. It does not matter what hairstyle one chooses to do; it just has to look in unison with the makeup. Sleek and straight hair would look perfect. It does not matter if the length of the hair is short, medium, or long. The makeup can be dark for girls with brown or blonde hair, or colors like green or red can be used. Emo makeup is all about experimenting.

Base and Blush

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The skin should be fresh and clean before starting Emo Goth Makeup. The very first step is to wash the face. Then the skin should be dried, and primer should be applied on the face. It will help in applying even layers of makeup on the skin. After completing these steps, concealers should be applied. The concealer should be in stick form as it will help in hiding the blemishes. Next, the foundation is applied and blended. Since this is a pale look, the blush should be kept only a bit more pinkish from the skin’s normal tone. Dark peachy blushes or bronzers should not be used.

Eye Makeup

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The very important part of Emo Goth Makeup is eye makeup. If the eye makeup goes wrong, the look is destroyed. After applying the primer and foundation on the eyes, some eyeshadow is applied. A matte finish black eyeshadow should be used on the lids of the eye. After this process is complete, a liner pencil is taken, and it is applied to the lash line. It is extended to the edges on both sides so that it forms two-way jacketed wings. Using a sponge, the black lining on top of the eyelids is smudged to create a gothic look. A liquid liner can be applied on top of the eyes to create a smoother look. The lower lash line can be darkened using a pencil liner or liquid liner.

Lip Makeup

Emo Goth Makeup is the kind of makeup that requires a natural lip look that does not have much boldness. The lips should be lined with a pale-colored liner. The color of the liner can be light pink or light mauve. On top of that, light-colored lip gloss can be applied. In the end, the lips can be pressed against one another to smudge the liner.


Emo Goth Makeup is generally applied in winters. Girls are generally seen a lot wearing sweatshirts along with this look in winters. Emo makeup features a dark cat eye using a Smokey eye technique. Lips and cheeks are kept subtle and simple. The makeup should be natural and toned. This kind of makeup is suited for both boys and girls, and if done properly, it looks good. If you would like to look scary enough in this Halloween season, you might want to get rid of the traditional scary looks and try out some goth makeup for Real Effect.

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