Control Your Vital Signs When Doing Exercise Using This Amazing Smart Watch Bracelet!

The age of technological advancement is upon us. No other time has man made significant strides in the world of health and technology as now. There are numerous gadgets out there that have made living way more manageable than before, more so when it comes to our health.

Ever since smartwatches came into being, they have become trendy the world over. Nowadays, every mobile phone manufacturer worth their salt has to have a smartwatch in their products’ lineup. 

The FROMPRO Original P70 Smart Watch Bracelet with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Fitness Tracker Smartwatch for IOS and Android is an exquisite device that packs serious power in this market segment. For fitness buffs, this is the gadget you need.

What’s Under The Hood?

This device carries out a wide variety of functions and is fittingly equipped to collect data on various health parameters of the person wearing it. There are blood pressure sensors, acceleration, sleep, blood oxygen, and heart rate monitors all crammed into this miniature smartphone for your wrist.

Besides these health sensors, the smartwatch also actively monitors your mobile phone allowing you to take pictures remotely. This feature is quite helpful, especially when taking group photos, and no one wants to miss out.


Sports Modes

Being a smartwatch, its primary function is to monitor your health. While exercising, the device collects data on your performance, allowing you to gauge how well your workout session turned out. 

There are up to eight different modes to choose from while engaged in sports. These are tailored to the type of activity you are involved in, ranging from brisk walking to running, rope skipping, basketball, soccer, and swimming.

These different modes enable you to be an all-round athlete since the data gathered is tailored to each set of exercises you engage in.

Impressive Power

Powering this smartwatch is a 200mAh Polymer lithium battery. It is a capable power unit that allows up to one week of usage and more than a fortnight’s worth of standby time. You can even go on extended nature walks and hike through deserted nature trails without needing a power boost for some time.

Granted, it is a small device with an equally diminished screen. Nevertheless, the smartwatch boasts several sensors, and you can opt to connect it to your handheld device full-time actively.



  • Up to eight different sports modes
  • Medical grade wristband that’s safe on your skin and hardly slips


  • It doesn’t support SIM card installation hence no calls and messaging
  • For additional features, you’ll have to fork out extra money

The smartwatch comes fitted with a decent Mediatek processor that keeps things running smoothly. Also, it supports popular phone models from both Android and iOS.

Final Thought

If you are considering a reasonably priced means of tracking your fitness goals, then the P70 smartwatch is your go-to device. It is within reach, reasonably stylish, and packed with loads of sensors and features to keep your fitness in check. It also supports up to eight different languages and can be used all across the globe.

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