Asian Goth Makeup – The Next Halloween Makeup Trend For You

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Modern standards often consider gothic makeup to be too harsh but some people love this look and Asian Goth Makeup seems to be just an extension of their personalities. The gothic makeup look consists of dark colors and pale skin. Gothic makeup looks are considered to be very bold for most people. However, some people love this look, and they try to pull off such a look. They look very dramatic on pale skin and someone who is a pro in makeup can do wonders in this makeup look. This content is about the Asian Goth Makeup trend that tends to reappear every couple of seasons, making new realms. 

Ultimate Dark Lips 

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It is not easy to choose the lipstick shade that goes well with the skin tone besides being dark. Most people choose maroon or darker lipstick shades but some people even prefer wearing black lipsticks. If someone doesn’t like darker shades, they can choose to wear a light shade and can still fit in the Asian Goth Makeup theme. The goth makeup look has inspired a lot of people to wear a dark eye along with dark lipstick. It is advisable to do the lipstick first because it makes it easier to manage the eye look. One can also use lip liner to make the makeup look even sharper. 

Captivating Eye Look 

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To go for a dark, captivating eye look, people often go for traditional black or grey. However, this year, just to try something different, they should use dark green, blues, or burgundy shades. To match the Asian Goth Makeup, it is important for people to stick to the dark eye makeup look. Someone who loves to experiment with new things can even try dark metallic shades. The eyeshadows can be daubed into the inner side of both eyes. The brows should also be shaded a little for a more natural makeup look. 

Flawless Base 

In order for Asian Goth Makeup to look sharp and on-point, it is important to have a flawless base. The very first step of this makeup look is the base. It then should be followed by lipstick and eye makeup. For someone who is dark-skinned, they should never go for a lighter shade of foundation. To make the look bright, dark-skinned people need to switch their foundation to the luminous one. 


The  Asian Goth Makeup is incomplete without smokey eyes and dark lips. However, some people do not like dark lips so they can always go for a neutral shade as it will also match the gothic theme. The base should be the first step and one should always strive to get a flawless base makeup as it enhances the look. It is all a matter of how one wishes to express themselves. If you would like the next Halloween party to be the best when it comes to your costume, then you might want to focus more on the makeup. time and again, we have been saying a lot of similar costumes during Halloween and it would be a change for some time if you focus on makeup and presenting yourself more than the costume itself.

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