7 Eyeshadow Looks That Will Leave You In Awe

eyeshadow looks

If you are eager to put on a new eyeshadow look, then you must try these seven types of eyeshadow looks because they will not only give you some creative ideas but also build up your confidence to the next level. All of these looks are pretty amazing, and you can do it on your own with a little bit of patience and consistency. 

Check out the following eyeshadow looks to create a new one: 


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Most girls prefer the natural eyeshadow look for themselves. It is considered that natural eyeshadow looks are one of the easiest looks to obtain, and they look elegant. You just need to apply the eyeshadow and finish it by applying and blending it with a little bit of shimmer. Girl, you are ready to rock the party.

Smokey eye

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The eye shadow kook is this – smokey eye. You cannot resist putting a smokey eye look on your eyes when you are about to rock any party and want to be the perfect center of attention. One just needs to look for the right colors and shades to put on the eyes and make sure they are perfectly blended with your skin tone. 

Cut Crease

If you are looking for a perfect way to contour your eyes, then my fear-cut crease eyeshadow look is perfect for you. A cut crease eyeshadow look means that you need to put out at least three different kinds of shades. The crease will automatically contrast with the color you have put on your eyes and provide more depth. 


To get a perfect halo eyeshadow look, you need to put the darker shade to the inner corner as well as on the outer edge of the eye and in the middle part, pick and apply the lighter shade and blend the shaded. Also, this eyeshadow look is set for girls with specific eye shapes and sets.  


The gradient eyeshadow look states that you need to put natural colors or bold colors for your eyes. The main best part is you can use natural and bold colors. This style will vary from person to person, so no need to compare your beautiful eyes with others.


The cat-eye look is fascinating and a little bit difficult to apply the eyeshadow on your eyes, but remember it is timeless and a never-fading trend. You can use tools like tape and drawing guides to get the perfect cat-eye eyeshadow look. 


Shimmery eyes don’t mean you have to apply loads of sparkle. NO! You just need to apply any shade of color and apply that with a shimmer. Then you are ready to flaunt your shimmery eyes.


To get the best eyeshadow look, you need to put the eyeshadow in a perfect way. You can either recreate any of the above looks or create a unique look on your face. 

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