6 Makeup Tips for Your Hooded Eyes

makeup tips for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes can be a boon to some, whereas, for some women, it may be a curse. If celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Taylor Swift can flaunt their hooded eyes, then why cannot you?

Know More About Hooded Eyes Tips

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An extra layer of skin on the upper eyelid forms a hood on the eyes. Hoods on the eyes make the eyes look smaller.

Now, why do you need makeup tips for hooded eyes? It is because the hoods of an extra layer of skin on your eyes hide your upper eyelids. And, eye makeup constitutes a portion of your upper eyelids. So, hang on, and hold tight for makeup tips for hooded eyes:

Play with your brows to hide your hooded eyes

If you do not want attention on your hooded eyes, then you must move the attention to your eyebrows. You can create a nice-looking arch with light brushstrokes on your eyebrows. Then you can add a light-colored eye shadow to highlight your eyebrows.

Get hold of a great eye primer as it is one of the essential makeup tips for your hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes mean you cannot have an eye makeup without smudging some onto your upper eyelid. To avoid that, you need to use an eye primer to keep your eye makeup in place and prevent the transference. If you do not like an eye primer, then you can opt for a foundation or concealer.

Look straight into the mirror and create your crease for your hooded eyes.

Usually, when you apply eyeshadow, you close your eyes. Avoid closing your eyes, look straight into the mirror, and then apply an eyeshadow just above your natural crease. Make sure you do not overdo it and take it till your brow bone. You want to look elegant, not like a cartoon.

To highlight your eyes and hide your hooded eyes, add lashes for an extra lift.

To get a spectacular look, you need to add longer false eyelashes in the center and small false eyelashes in the corner. This way, you can get the shape of a half-moon.

Ever tried winged eyeliner flicks?

The best way to go is to go retro. Back in the good old days, winged eyeliner flicks were a trendsetter, and now they are back with a bang for your hooded eyes. Since you cannot apply any eye makeup to your hidden upper eyelid, you must create winged flicks with your eyeliner’s help to make your hooded eyes look pretty.

Add gold eyeshadow to your upper eyelids.

Gold is one such color that can attract anyone’s attention within seconds. If you add a dusty gold eyeshadow or pencil to your upper eyelids, then nothing can hide your hooded eyes from looking gorgeous. You can blend it with a damp eyeshadow brush if you want the golden color to pop.

We hope the makeup tips mentioned above turn out to be a boon for you.

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